In SpiceUp’s Geodata Business Intelligence Dashboard, all pepper plants are tracked. Using a QR Code system, subscribed businesses can accurately trace pepper purchases to its source. The platform provides comprehensive insights on individual pepper farm properties, soil conditions, and GAP compliance for further quality assurance. Sign up for the app and request your demo today!

Technological innovations in agriculture have revolutionized the ways that farming is conducted. One of the main problems technology has solved is ensuring the quality of fresh produce. Tracing and tracking pepper has been one of the most impactful solutions to mitigate poor pepper production, infectious diseases, and ensures the best quality yields are derived from sustainable and healthy farms. 

In 2019, SpiceUp became one of the Indonesian finalists in the Grow Asia Hackath, excelling specifically in pepper tracing. SpiceUp has developed an efficient way to make tracking pepper faster, easier, and more accurate. Farmers are given a special DNA spray that they can use to tag their products. Using a barcode on the spray, buyers are able to validate the origin of each batch. Currently, SpiceUp has worked with farmers from around 85 pepper farms across Indonesia to implement the pepper tracking system. 

Using this technology, SpiceUp has developed an integrated Geodata Business Intelligence Dashboard, where subscribed businesses can keep track of the pepper bought from farms, each customized to their corresponding locations in the country. This dashboard also allows buyers to review their transaction history to further examine the performance of each purchase in a more detailed manner. The dashboard not only provides information regarding pepper sources but also an in-depth analysis on individual farms in order for buyers to consider the pepper’s quality prior to making a purchase. Buyers can access information such as the variety of pepper grown, soil characteristics, and farmers’ Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) compliance. This includes data on the percentage of optimum harvests of the farm on a yearly basis. This information is also made more conveniently available through the SpiecUp mobile application, where buyers can enjoy more seamless access wherever and whenever it suits their needs. 

Pepper tracking is not only beneficial for businesses but it is also a medium to build trust with customers. One of SpiceUp’s main partners is PT Cinquer Agro Nusantara(CAN, a company whose values are delivering healthy and trustworthy pepper. PT CAN provides a tracing mechanism for consumers by using a barcode on every package. Consumers are able to directly trace the product to its origins with ease. PT CAN has trusted SpiceUp to support the operation of their traceability system with its integrated geodata platform.

SpiceUp is continuously developing their Geodata Business Intelligence Dashboard to provide more accurate and in-depth information, while expanding the scope of the farms registered in the platform. Using technological innovations in tracking systems, SpiceUp can support businesses to build trust with their consumers in providing the best quality pepper, and making it traceable to its source. Interested in learning more about the platform? Request a demo today!

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