LIZARD: a platform to tackle climate and environmental challenges

The Lizard platform enables actionable information services, by integrating and analyzing geodata on the physical environment. Hard data is needed to understand processes in our physical environment. The existing data is kept in different organizations, leading to information silos. As a result, decision making rarely uses the best available data, which frustrates information decision making. Lizard ( provides a solution.

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Enabling high quality content for the SpiceUp app and B2B dashboard

Nelen & Schuurmans is the technical lead partner in the consortium. Their platform computes simple and farm-specific advice by combining various scientific models, field measurements and satellite data. Next to the information in the app provided to farmers, they offer dashboarding and API back-end solutions to pepper buyers, agri-input suppliers and financial institutions.

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The challenge

The SpiceUp-project provides geo-information to support 100.000 Indonesian pepper farmers. They use the information to improve the quality and increase the quantity of crops. In turn, this leads to better income security, food security and optimizes the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides. The challenge lies in providing reliable and sustainable information services. Indonesian pepper farmers need accurate information on the weather forecast, availability of water, and the risk of pests and diseases. Within this project, we need to prove the added value of the information service. We need to promote the application and find a business model to sustain it.

Example data


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