There is an increasing global demand for pepper, and as the second-largest pepper producer in the world, Indonesia has the opportunity to increase the quality and quantity of pepper production. The SpiceUp Application focuses on pepper as one of the potential leading sectors for economic growth in Indonesia.

Currently, pepper farmers in the country often face various challenges related to weather, water availability, and increasing problems of pests and plant diseases. To help solve the problems faced by Indonesian pepper farmers, SpiceUp provides four main solutions derived from a combination of satellite and field data, namely: Fertilizer and Disease Prevention Recommendations, Irrigation Management Advices, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Traceability Systems.

As a technology solution initiative for the pepper and spice farming industry, SpiceUp provides pepper farmers with exclusive and customized services based on location  and SpiceUp provides geodata-based information services that support 100,000 pepper farmers in four main pepper-producing regions in Indonesia. The information provided by the SpiceUp Application will help pepper farmers in increasing their production yield, income, and food security, as well as optimizing the use of water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

SpiceUp provides satellite imagery-based data for agriculture, such as weather and soil moisture at the pepper farms. Using a combination of satellite and field data, SpiceUp provides specific and customized GAP recommendations according to the location and needs of each farm. SpiceUp also enables pepper farmers to monitor their pepper production through a traceability system. These services can be accessed via the mobile application. 

The launching of the SpiceUp Application: Technology-Based Smart Agriculture for Pepper Cultivation will introduce the services to various stakeholders in the pepper cultivation industry in Indonesia.

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