The environment is defined as a complex system that affects the growth and development of an organism. Similarly, environmental factors also influence living organisms. The environment is dynamic in the sense that it can change at any time. Likewise, environmental factors on plants will differ according to the pepper plants’ time, place, and condition.

According to Indonesian researcher Dhalimi, environmental factors such as climate and soil need to be considered when selecting pepper plant varieties, cultivation patterns, pepper growing media, and fertilization, because they are very key to determining the success of a pepper cultivation pattern. 

Environmental factors that affect plant growth and development can be divided into biotic and abiotic factors, but both have an essential role in influencing the growth of pepper. Abiotic factors consist of sunlight, temperature, soil, water, while biotic factors are the living components that affect or shape an ecosystem. SpiceUp is here to provide information relating to both factors to support pepper plantations’ productivity in Indonesia.

In this webinar session, participants will receive :

  1. Information related to the introduction of various types of pepper varieties.
  2. Information related to steps in choosing plant materials that are good for cultivation.
  3. Information related to producers for the efficient use of plant material.

Dr Otih Rostiana., M.Sc. Principal Expert Researcher at the Indonesian Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ICRI) or Balai Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat (Balittro) will be one of the key resource persons for this webinar.

Join us for the full discussion in the SpiceUp Live # 3 webinar and learn how to select the right pepper varieties based on environmental conditions and products to be produced, this coming Thursday, January 7, 2021, | 13.00 - 15.00 WIB.

Click the link below to register for free at the spice up live webinar # 3:


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