Pepper development faces various problems to be resolved, including most of the people's plantations which are managed traditionally and still not fully rejuvenated, water management is not optimal, food security, quality of pepper is not as expected, prices are not optimal, and there are still many problems about pepper farming. This led to the establishment of SpiceUp to help the productivity of pepper farming in Indonesia.

SpiceUp is a project under the Geodata for Agriculture and Water program (Geodata for Agriculture and Water or G4AW) funded by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). G4AW aims to improve food security in developing countries using satellite data, and the program has projects around the world. Also, SpiceUp aims to provide information services based on geospatial data (geodata) to 100,000 pepper farmers in three prominent pepper producing areas in Indonesia (Lampung, Bangka Belitung, and Kalimantan). By providing this information service, SpiceUp strives to increase pepper production, farmers' income, food security, and optimize water and reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

SpiceUp has also managed to create a useful application for pepper farmers and collectors. This application has many features, which, of course, are very useful for farmers. In this application there is an investment analysis feature where this feature will help farmers in calculating the number of costs incurred to achieve estimated results in the SpiceUp program, there is also a market price information feature that provides information related to market conditions for both black and white pepper and much more—useful features for pepper farming. Therefore, SpiceUp is here to provide information and various services that can support the productivity performance of pepper plantations in Indonesia.

In this webinar session, participants will get information about:

  1. Get to know who SpiceUp is.
  2. Knowing about the projects that SpiceUp is doing for the development of pepper in Indonesia.
  3. Introduction of Applications and various main features that are useful for pepper growers.

And many other benefits will be obtained after participating in this webinar event.

Various matters relating to who is SpiceUp and what projects are carried out in helping the development of pepper farming in Indonesia will be discussed in the webinar event "SpiceUp Live # 2 The role of SpiceUp for the advancement of pepper in Indonesia", and the speakers will be Dian Kurniawati (SpiceUp) and Evert-Jan Verschuren (Verstegen).

See the full discussion in the Webinar SpiceUp Live # 2 SpiceUp's role for the advancement of pepper in Indonesia. On Friday, 18 December 2020 | 14.00 - 15.30 WIB.

Click the link below to register for free at the spice up live webinar # 2:

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